May 14, 2006

Rolling Billboards, for cats!

Here's the ultimate job: Drive an RC car around a mall all day and get paid for it! Soon to be in the classified near you! Check out this post from the AdGang at MIT on mini-rolling Billborads. With MIT's swarmbot technology, imagine little herds of free roaming ad clusters. My inner media buyer is getting very confused.

via MIT Ad Lab

May 13, 2006

Team buying in China... let's play here!

Interesting article in the Christian Science Monitor points out a trend called Team Buying where groups meet online, fan out to a bunch of stores, find the best looking place, then flash mob/descend on the joint to negotiate a "Group Discount"

Hey if big corps get group discounts, why not flash mobs... they're there, with cash and ready to buy... what are you going to do shun them?

May 2, 2006

Participatory media kicking mass media's booty.

 Very interesting roundup of articles in the Economist which describes the shift from media consumption to media production by individuals. The impact on marketing and society as a whole will continue to have profound effects. The days of companies merely paying lipservice to listening to their customers are soon coming to an end... good day, Sir... I SAID, Good DAY!
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