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Dear Detroit... no wonder you're losing!

THIS is a concept vehicle:

THIS is a concept vehicle:


It's a MARKET TEST! (as evidenced by the survey I had to take asking if I would buy one within the NEXT YEAR, just so I could retrieve the digital photo taken of me and my boys at the Dodge booth.) Apparently it's already been greenlighted for production based on the reaction from earlier shows this year.

Considering the success of Ford's retro Mustang (Have one, LOVE IT!) and Dodge's own Charger, why was this even a question, much less a "Concept Car???"

The only future-exploring concepts at the show seemed to becoming from somewhere far east of NYC. Even the "radical" machines seemed plausible as production cars within a couple of years.

Here's a secret automakers: We KNOW you can whip out concepts fast and furious with today's technology and your resources. You want to excite the public, show us TEN concepts we only wished we could live long enough to experience.

You're getting your innovation lunches eaten by wealthy indie inventors and small, nimble companies.

Get with the program or please get out of the damned passing lane with your turn signal still flashing!


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