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Oreo Handi-Snacks... Insanity or Genius?

So those zany brand managers over at Kraft decided it was time to leverage the Oreo brand and extend the "Handi-Snack®" brand by creating Oreo Cookie Stick 'n Creme.

This seems absolutely insane to me. I mean, sure take all your broken cookies, sell them to Ben & Jerry's for a creamy mashup, but doesn't it seem like snack blasphemy to purposefully separate the Oreo from the creamy middle? Isn't that 98% of the joy of an Oreo? "What's your separation technique? I'm a 'TWISTER.'"

And... they're sticks, not cookies... and isn't it a tad disconcerting to see the vat of white goo just sitting there waiting to either separate into it's chemical components or be merged with a coco-rod?

I don't know... I'm all about evolving the brand, but this seems like corporate desperation to introduce a successful product by diluting two different brands' equity.

Or... it could be cleverly disguised brilliance. I suppose the market will reveal the truth.


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