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Major "Huh?"

Have a look at the second story in today's
Adweek/IQ Briefing
entitled "Marketers Wary of Emerging Media"

Can I get a big ole collective "huh?" from the audience. Now how 'bout some groans.

Thanks for playing.

Here's a new thought (said from atop a soapbox constructed entirely of PDAs and hospital-thin cellphones): perhaps it should be a corporate obligation to embrace emerging media (if only to demonstrate to our consumers that we are willing to look at new ways of communicating and playing with them.

And while we're at it, why is "emerging media" only talked about from a digital perspective.
Perhaps a branded urinal cake (with appropriate messaging, of course) will be as surprising and delightful to the targeted consumer as seeing their favorite brand reduced to pixels.

C'mon marketers. Jump in. (or at least toe in)
Try it. You'll like it. And so will your consumers.


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