May 8, 2006

Time-Shifting, to go... It's almost like the future!

Well, we never got our flying cars. Moving sidewalks only exist in airports and most people avoid them, and time travel seems to only exist in Stephen Hawking's mind.

That said, Tivo brought us the possibility of watching WHATEVER we wanted WHENEVER we wanted and even the ability to (GASP!) skip the ads.

A pile of new gadgets (Video iPod, Video-enabled phones, and the new boxes mentioned in this Time Magazine article) promise to now add WHERE EVER to what and when.

I personally think that mini-devices call for a new "mini-media" which will allow for a complete entertainment experience in the 5-10 minutes most people have when they are waiting for something (like a plane, train or dental exam) where these devices will be most likely used.

I mean, do you REALLY want to watch a full hour of "Desperate Housewives" on a 3" screen with headphones... if you have that much time, run into your local circuit city and watch reruns of the big game in HD.

May 2, 2006

WiFi gets creepy (ant least that's what we'll tell our bosses.)

So there's this tech out there that let's you find people who are near you (using WiFi or course) read a profile on the ones that interest you, and then hook up.

Of course this is obviously a professional tool, and will be extremely valuable in, say, a trade show setting. I'm sure it will be a rare minority who will use it for FLASH DATING™. (You heard it here first)

As for the marketing impact, this is yet another example of the Internet bounding off the desktop and into people's pockets. Things are starting to look very interesting.

May 1, 2006

$100 Computer

You've probably read about this, but if not, this is a MAJOR step forward fo undeveloped countries should the team at the Media Lab succeed. It uses a crank to charge the battery if you don't have Juice and their goal is to do an initial run of 1,000,000 computers to be sold directly to the ministries of education of developing countries to distribute to the children. Very, very interesting implications for the global community. Learn more at LapTop.Org

April 28, 2006

Take a deep breath. Smell that? It's the Internet.

A week or so ago, Rhode Island announced state-wide WiFi access... not clear if paid or free, but still, wow. Then I was alerted to this article (in spanish), which talks about a successful WiFi connection in Venezuela of 173 MILES! And I just read in the Metro Section of the NY Times that Suffolk County, NY is planning on offering county-wide FREE WiFi and is even considering beaming toward the ocean so boaters can surf too... while catching waves?

So? The proliferation of large-scale, wireless broadband means that use of the Internet will increasingly live off the dektop and out of the home. The possibilities are so endless, it is a tad painful to think about... so, give it a gander.