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Time-Shifting, to go... It's almost like the future!

Well, we never got our flying cars. Moving sidewalks only exist in airports and most people avoid them, and time travel seems to only exist in Stephen Hawking's mind.

That said, Tivo brought us the possibility of watching WHATEVER we wanted WHENEVER we wanted and even the ability to (GASP!) skip the ads.

A pile of new gadgets (Video iPod, Video-enabled phones, and the new boxes mentioned in this Time Magazine article) promise to now add WHERE EVER to what and when.

I personally think that mini-devices call for a new "mini-media" which will allow for a complete entertainment experience in the 5-10 minutes most people have when they are waiting for something (like a plane, train or dental exam) where these devices will be most likely used.

I mean, do you REALLY want to watch a full hour of "Desperate Housewives" on a 3" screen with headphones... if you have that much time, run into your local circuit city and watch reruns of the big game in HD.


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